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Meet Anthony Davis, Sr.

Professional Speaker & Leadership Coach

Abandoned at 3 years old, Anthony’s upbringing of living in homeless shelters provides a relatable perspective to those who come from disadvantaged circumstances. Understanding the harsh reality of life impacts their perception, educating and empowering students and professionals to become the best version of themselves, no matter the challenges. Perfect for educational, non-profit, and corporate leaders, Anthony’s vigor, and passion, coupled with an entertaining and relatable story will change each individual’s life.

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What Make Anthony Different

Anthony delivers insight, inspiration, and practical leadership tools to educational institutions, sports teams, churches, and non-profits. His athletic background as a student-athlete and global life experience makes his perspective energetic, fresh, authentic, and direct. ​

Anthony has overcome tremendous personal and professional adversities by rising above the physical, emotional, mental, and environmental obstacles. He has harnessed his experiences into powerful custom-designed keynote presentations uniquely delivered with one objective: to help students and working professionals find their own inner strength and purpose in life.



Anthony is a highly requested keynote and workshop speaker in areas of Student, Professional, and Personal Development.


Anthony has risen to prominence by delivering a high energy message which inspires others to take responsibility for their lives and reach their full potential.



Sanjay Brown

Principal Orange County Public Schools

“Anthony is a man on a mission to positively impact the lives of everyone he comes into contact with. I personally observed his leadership working with at-risk students in a manner that helped young people rise above their circumstances and achieve their dreams. He is an exceptional leader and his life experience and his ability to overcome is truly inspiring.”


Dr. Denisha Bond

Professor Indian River State College

“Anthony gave my students positive words of encouragement, and inspired them to see that graduating from college is going to be worth all the hard work and sacrifice! His presentation was spot on! When we had a chance to debrief afterward, my students wrote reflections about Mr. Davis and how he motivated them to see the positive outcomes they can receive when deciding to persevere through adverse times. ”


Collin Draft

Founder Quarterback Nation

“Anthony talked to my student-athletes about life after sports, and the information/personal experiences he shared with them were phenomenal! He encouraged them to be more than an athlete. He empowered them to be great citizens in life- ones with character, integrity, standards, and values. We truly appreciate his time and expertise! Anyone who gets the chance to have him as a guest speaker, I HIGHLY recommend him!”



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