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The mind separates an athlete from great to phenomenal. Anthony provides the competitive advantage that awarded him NCAA Male National Scholar-Athlete of the Year. In addition, teaching the qualities and skills needed to become leaders, allowing you to take control of their lives.

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The Objective

Becoming an effective leader is the hardest skill to acquire. Experience is the only way to acquire these traits. As a former high school and collegiate student-athlete, Anthony offers stories and lessons that create leadership qualities that apply beyond sports. Anthony’s workshops teach character development, self-restraint, individual core values, responsibility, courage, confidence, time management, and healthy supportive relationships.

Anthony will help student-atheltes to: 

Develop leadership styles unique to them, learning how to inspire and impact other individuals.

Learn fundamental ideas and basic concepts of leadership and how to apply them to function. 

Learn how to speak properly with fellow peers.

Create an atmosphere of increasing trust and overall team chemistry between teammates. 

Enhance participant's communication skills and establish a setting where participants can build trust, and real-life issues are safe to discuss. 

Empower participants to learn how to make decisions that deliver positive outcomes both individually and collectively.  

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