Character and Leadership are learned from experiences, but using a person to model these qualities can increase the speed of becoming the best versions of yourselves. Anthony's interactive and entertaining engagement provides a new insight to character development that connects with the current youth.

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The Objective

Anthony’s vigor and sincerity through his genuine stories and education presentation engrave positive characteristics to every individual for life; Respectability, Self-Control, Generosity, and Integrity. The character training engages students to develop their unique understanding of what it means to become a leader and have a sense of character, providing a positive change in their school life.

Anthony will help students to: 

Learn the qualities of self-control and character. 

Master time management skills to enhance their lives.

Plan for self-improvement/personal growth outside of school. 

Discover their unique identity, qualities, and interests

Build strong character based on integrity and enthusiastic emotional security. 

Pick their own fundamental beliefs and core values.

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