Let me answer some of your most frequantly asked questions!

What topics do you speak on?

I speak at schools, colleges and universities, conferences, nonprofit organizations on topics from student leadership to productivity and life balance to stepping into your greatness to ethic and many topics in-between. I will also customize presentations to the needs of your students (guests). For more information regarding specific presentation topics, visit my speaking page and use the contact form to connect with me.

How far do you travel to speak at schools, conferences, and workshops?

My passion in life is to inspire and empower students and those who are advocates for youth of all ages. I am ready to fire up and energize your audience. I will travel to you. Let's connect, so we can make it happen!

How much do you charge, Anthony?

For information on my speaking fees and how much it will cost to have me to speak at your event, click on "Book Anthony" or email me at, and we will get back to you with a full quote ASAP. I want to have an ongoing relationship with you. You will love how easy I make things for you during the entire process right up to your event date.

Why should I hire you as our Keynote Speaker or guest presenter?

I would be honored to serve as your keynote or guest speaker/presenter! > Guests will be pumped-up and inspired as a result of my presentation. > Guests will feel heard and be eager to connect with and be intelligent during the occasion. > Guests will leave prepared to roll out an improvement and make a massive move with laser-centered systems they learned. > Guests will decidedly be tested to take full responsibility forever and make their best experience utilizing their qualities, their one of a kind endowments.

Do you provide virtual presentations?

Yes! I conduct online virtual presentation sessions (via Zoom, Skype, etc.) on any topics that suit your need. Contact me for specific details, as well as for individual coaching sessions.

Do you provide coaching sessions for adults as well as students?

Yes! I offer coaching sessions students (13 years old and older) and adults. Each stage of life brings with it a whole new set of complex issues. Whether if we have kids, embarking on a career change, faced with difficult decisions, feeling stuck in your current position in life, or having to start over, I can help you realign yourself back with yourself. Click on "Book Anthony" or email me at, and I will customize a coaching package that best suits your needs.